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Region: Kibanga, Mbinga District, Ruvuma Region

Country: Tanzania

Alititude: 1780 masl

Process: Washed


Tasting notes

Citrus, Dark chocolate, Caramel


The Back Ground!


The Kibanga Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society, known as AMCOS, is a group of 234 small-scale coffee farmers. They live about 3 km away from Kibanga village and 23 km from Mbinga town. Kibanga AMCOS is also close to Lake Nyasa, which is the southernmost lake in East Africa and one of the world's largest lakes.

In Kibanga, they can produce an average of 160,000 kg of green coffee. They've achieved this by doing most of the coffee processing locally instead of sending it to nearby AMCOS. The area around Kibanga is great for growing coffee. The soil is a mix of red clay and sand, the rainfall is about 1200 - 1300 mm, and the temperature varies between 9°C and 21°C all year round.

Farmers in AMCOS grow coffee on small pieces of land. Each farmer has around 550 to 650 coffee trees, and these trees are usually about 30 years old. Coffee is the main way they earn money, but they also grow other crops like bananas, maize, and beans alongside it.

When it's time to harvest the coffee, the farmers and their families usually pick the coffee cherries by hand. Most of these cherries are taken to a Central Pulping Unit (CPU) or a washing station for processing. Some cherries stay at home and are processed using hand pulping machines.

The fermentation process can take anywhere from 12 to 30 hours, depending on the temperature outside. Either the farmer or the manager at the CPU checks if the fermentation is done by feeling the texture of the wet parchment. When it's ready, the coffee is washed and sorted in grading channels.



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  • Region: Western Uganda
    Altitude: 1300masl – 2300masl
    Climate: Tropical
    Screen 17/18
    Processing: Natural

    Flavour notes:

    Sweet ripe fruits Red cherries Tobacco notes ChocolateNutty
    Delicate acidity Full bodied Pleasant earth finish

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