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Hand crafted 70% dark chocolate made using our Kentish dragon whole coffee beans, this fantasic product is made for us by Ira Harris (patisserie Lingaud Ltd) in her fantastic little studio kitchen at her home in Tunbridge.


This dark chocolate and whole coffee beans are a delicious combination of rich, intense chocolate and bold coffee. This dark chocolate contains 70% or more cacao, giving it a deep, complex chocolate flavour. When combined with whole coffee beans, the chocolate takes on an added layer of flavor and aroma, with the coffee notes complementing the chocolate in a unique and satisfying way.


The texture of dark chocolate made with our Kentish Dragon whole coffee beans can be very surprising with this recipe and using quality ingredients shows in the end product. It is a very smooth and creamy, or it could have a crunchy texture from the whole coffee beans. The flavour profile will also vary depending on the roast of the coffee beans, the type of cacao used, and the other ingredients in the recipe.

Overall, this dark chocolate is made with whole coffee beans is a luxurious treat that's perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers. The combination of rich chocolate and bold coffee creates a delicious and complex flavor that's sure to satisfy your taste buds.


70% dark chocolate with Kentish dragon coffee beans

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